About the Author

Al Case walked into his Kenpo school in November 1967. Within a year he became an instructor, and wrote the instruction manual for his school.

This was the golden age of martial arts, and over the coming years Al would study classical Karate, Wing Chun, Aikido, Northern Shaolin, Southern Shaolin, Tai Chi Chuan, Pa Kua Chang, weapons, and more.

DSCN0460In 1981 Al wrote his first article, and became a regular contributor to such magazines as Inside Kung Fu, inside Karate, Black Belt, Masters and Styles, and so on.

He was asked to write a column (Case Histories) for Inside Karate.

With the turn of the century Al turned his attention to the completion of his studies in Matrixing, and the formulation of a martial arts philosphy: Neutronics.

He is a webmaster for MonsterMartialArts.com, and several other sites which feature his books and courses.

Al has written over two million words on the martial arts, which makes him the most prolific martial arts writer of all time.

Currently, he is living on a mountain top in Southern California, where he is building a martial arts temple.

Email: aganzul@gmail.com


2 thoughts on “About the Author”

  1. Left out a lot about Tracys. They were the main push to contracts and franchises.They extorted $ from owners in Phila. Pa. and had 2 shot. One , a 18 yr.old instructor, died. I was one who they tried to extort. The FBI were called in. Tracys weren’t the good guys no matter what they taught. However, Tracy system, based on Parkers was more direct + easier to learn.Also many, many schools and teachers are descendents of Tracy franchises. Interesting article. I’ll buy you books and check them out.


  2. Hi Dennis, quite interesting. Please email me, your comment is interesting, to say the least, and I would like to verify, get more data, and so on. Thanks. Al Case (aganzul@gmail.com)


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